Electrical Service


Installation, Testing and Commissioning:HT/LT Transformers, HT Panel, PCC Panels, MCC Panels, Relay and ControlPanel Battery Banks, UPS system, VFD Panels Capacitor Banks,Switchyard EHV Equipments ACDB/DCDB Panels,Lighting Distribution Boards,Power Distribution Boards,MLDB Panels,DG Sets, GIS Units,Control Panels, PLC Panels, DG AMF Panels.

Installation of GI/Aluminium/Steel cable trays, raceways and MS structure trays.

Installation and Testing, Termination of Cables HT Cables, LT Cables,Telephone and Data Cables, Control Cables.
Earthing and Lighting Protection Preparation and making of Earth Pits, Installation of Earth Strips, Testing of arth Pits,Installation of Lightening Arrestors.
Installation, Testing of Street Light pole with Light Fittings, High Mast Structure with Light Fittings.
Installation, Testing of area Light fittings
Commercial Building Lighting Conduit wiring points, Concealed wiring points,Installation and testing of fixtures.
Cathodic Protection System.
Installation and Testing, Commissioning of Fire Protection System,PA System, Telephone System, Data cables network.
Data Center communication work.
Supply of all Electrical Project and Maintenance related materials.
Designing of all above Electrical Systems.
Approvals for Electrical System Installations from statutory authorities before and after installation.

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  • Storage Products
  • HA Solutions
  • Backup & Disaster
  • Network Appliances