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Corporate citizenship recognizes that a company or organisation does not and should not act in isolation of the community or communities within which it operates. We at Shivam Enclave recognize the widespread benefits of a more concerted approach to achieving balance between organisation objectives and important social, cultural and environmental responsibilities.

To do this, we engage with multiple stakeholders to ensure that our operational success goes hand in hand with enhancing social well being, which in turn is often a factor in our success. Striving to become a good corporate citizen is considered by us a responsible and legitimate objective as well as best practice.

From times immemorial, Indian sages and men of wisdom have understood and appreciated the value of nature and its conservation. We too try to inculcate the same principles in our business practices by recycling products, reducing e-waste and conserving natural resources. We are proud of our culture of integrity and commitment to act in a safe and responsible manner towards the employees, the environment and local communities.


Employee health & safety together with responsible environmental management are improving workforce productivity, reducing corporate risk and adding to brand value

High standards of employee health and safety as well as increased environmental accountability have become non-negotiable imperatives for Utilities. In process industries such as Utilities that depend on their workforce, Employee Health & Safety (EH&S) has a direct impact on productivity. Today's skills shortage, spiralling labour costs and growing regulations demand that EH&S be addressed as a top priority. EH&S measures are also becoming core to customer satisfaction, ability to adhere to legislation, regulatory and sustainability requirements. Smart industry leaders are integrating EH&S with company core values to enhance brand value from a stakeholder perspective. 


  • Carbon Management and Reporting
  • EH&S Data Management
  • EH&S Managed Services
  • Incident/ Accident Reporting and regulatory Compliance
  • Occupational Health and Medical Service Reporting
  • Hazardous and E-waste inventory, disposal & reporting